Sunday, June 28, 2015

Product Review - Action Replay 4M plus for Sega Saturn

Action Replay 4M plus for Sega Saturn

 I had a standard memory card for the Saturn, but this device is definitely an upgrade. It really is the ultimate cartridge for the Sega Saturn, and is a must buy for any Saturn owner. This cartridge will let you play import games, has the 1m and 4m expansions built in so you don't have to have separate carts and you don't run into a game that won't play because you don't have the proper expansion for the Saturn. Many import games were not released in the states due to the fact that the Saturn had a very short life here in the USA. Many Saturn imports are also very reasonably priced these days, some much cheaper than the American versions, which makes getting them more desireable and affordable than ever.

In addition to these features this cartridge also features built in cheat codes for many saturn games. If you don't see the game you want to play there is the option to add your own codes, that you can probably find on the internet.

This cartridge will not let you save directly to the cartridge though, for that you will have to purchase a separate Saturn memory card, however you can copy from the internal memory to the cartridge, and the process to do this is very easy and short.

This cartridge is also very difficult to take out of the Saturn (if you want to do that), it is not something you want to keep taking in and out of the console, because you will ruin the cartridge slot on your console and then you will not be able to use It. My cartridge inserted easily into the console. I would recommend putting this in your console and leaving it there. For those concerned about the fact that the cartridge may not work, I purchased the newest version without the PC expansion slot on the top and mine works fine.

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