Monday, June 29, 2015

Product Review - KabelDirekt (3 feet) 3.5mm Male > 3.5mm Female Stereo Audio Extension Cable - PRO Series

I have a few similar cables like this here, but this one is far superior to all the rest. This cable is great for a headphones extension cable, or great for a device extension cable to a device like a portable speaker. What makes this cable better is its crystal clear sound and metal edges that do not bend or tear or become flimsy after a while, a problem I have had with other similar cables. The cable also has gold plated ends which is another nice feature. It is flexible, and not too stiff. Overall I would recommend this cable highly over other similar cables. While I haven't had it for too long it seems like it will hold up well in the long run, saving me time and money because I will not have to buy lots of cheap flimsy cables.

If you are interested in purchasing this cable (it comes in different lengths) you can view the product here:

 KabelDirekt (3 feet) 3.5mm Male > 3.5mm Female Stereo Audio Extension Cable

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Product Review - CoverON® Hybrid Heavy Duty Case with Hard Kickstand Belt Clip Holster for Motorola Moto G

CoverON® Hybrid Heavy Duty Case with Hard Kickstand Belt Clip Holster for Motorola Moto G

This is a good case, but the buttons on the phone seem to get hit automatically when using the case. This is pretty annoying. Not the case when you use the phone (Moto G 1st gen) without the case. Otherwise you cannot beat the price for this case. Its also a nice case with 3 pieces, you can take the kickstand back off and just use the purple silicon, or you can use the kickstand and the purple part, or you can use all 3 parts, the purple silicon, the kickstand part and the outer part. The kickstand part comes already attached.

If interested this product can be purchased here on Amazon:

CoverON® Hybrid Heavy Duty Case for Moto G

Product Review - MoKo Amazon Kindle Fire HD 6 2014 Case

 MoKo Amazon Kindle Fire HD 6 2014 Case

This is a great case and one of the few available for the Kindle Fire HD6. It fits the kindle fire HD6 perfectly and closes with an elastic strap. The case is made out of nice material and the blue color is very pretty. Overall I would recommend this case for Kindle Fire HD6 owners. I have been using this case for approx. 6months and no problems yet.

If Interested the item can be purchased here at

Product Review - Beyblade Metal Fusion for Nintendo DS Video Game

Beyblade Metal Fusion for Nintendo DS Video Game

This game is a good game. It can be found for a very cheap prices these days so that makes it a worthwhile purchase. However I would only recommend this game for beyblade fans, rather than someone who is just looking for a cheap game to play on the DS. The game is definitely geared for beyblade fans only.

Product Review - Action Replay 4M plus for Sega Saturn

Action Replay 4M plus for Sega Saturn

 I had a standard memory card for the Saturn, but this device is definitely an upgrade. It really is the ultimate cartridge for the Sega Saturn, and is a must buy for any Saturn owner. This cartridge will let you play import games, has the 1m and 4m expansions built in so you don't have to have separate carts and you don't run into a game that won't play because you don't have the proper expansion for the Saturn. Many import games were not released in the states due to the fact that the Saturn had a very short life here in the USA. Many Saturn imports are also very reasonably priced these days, some much cheaper than the American versions, which makes getting them more desireable and affordable than ever.

In addition to these features this cartridge also features built in cheat codes for many saturn games. If you don't see the game you want to play there is the option to add your own codes, that you can probably find on the internet.

This cartridge will not let you save directly to the cartridge though, for that you will have to purchase a separate Saturn memory card, however you can copy from the internal memory to the cartridge, and the process to do this is very easy and short.

This cartridge is also very difficult to take out of the Saturn (if you want to do that), it is not something you want to keep taking in and out of the console, because you will ruin the cartridge slot on your console and then you will not be able to use It. My cartridge inserted easily into the console. I would recommend putting this in your console and leaving it there. For those concerned about the fact that the cartridge may not work, I purchased the newest version without the PC expansion slot on the top and mine works fine.

Product Review - Etekcity RoverBeats F1 Bluetooth Headphones

 Product Review - Etekcity RoverBeats F1 Bluetooth Headphones

I am impressed with these headphones. There are no cords to get tangled, which was my main complaint about headphones. These headphones are very lightweight and extremely comfortable. I love how the earpads move around so they can adjust to your head. They are also easily adjustable on the headband. I don't think I could find a more comfortable pair. The battery life appears to be accurate, and charging is easy with the included micro USB cable. These headphones have a built in battery, so there are no batteries to buy or replace. There are a series of buttons on the headphones that let you control the music so you can switch songs right from the headphones without having to reach for your phone. This lets you leave your phone in your pocket or purse while you listen to music which is extremely convenient. I only tried these headphones on a iOS device and they integrate perfectly to the device, the battery life is also shown on the screen, so you know exactly when they need a charge. The sound quality is as good or better than other competing brands. Overall I would recommend this product in a heartbeat.

You can purchase these here at Amazon:

Etekcity RoverBeats F1 Bluetooth Headphones